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It is the control cable being used for cranes and other appliances in

dry or wet environment/(indoor). For its special flexibility, it also can

be used for non-continuous installation or fixation, but cannot work

as elevator cables. Jutted insulated cable rope among cores functions

as tensile resistance, There is non-woven fabric to release impact be

tween cores and sheath.



In the condition of ultra-height, we recommend to use cable with 2 steels

whose broken pulling force reaches 10.4KN and the height 150m.

For the adoption of modified PVC sheath, the product has an excellent

 properties and safety service.



Conductor: Fine strands of oxygen-free copper wire

                  acc. to VDE0295, class5

Colour: various colour cores with number acc. to JISC3306

             black with white number and green/yellow acc. to IEC227

Inner liner: non-woven fabric wrapping to release impact

Steel rope: One or two self-supporting steel rope is used to carry

                  tensile force in working.

Outer sheath: special PVC, black (RAL9005)


Technical data:

Rated voltage: ≤ 1.5mm: 300/500V  ≥ 1.5mm: 450/750V 

Test voltage:  ≤ 1.5mm: 2500V         ≥ 1.5mm: 3000 V

Temperature range: -15℃  to  +70℃

Bending radius: 20 X outer diameter

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