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Electrical Properties:
Related voltage U0/U: 0.5mm2, 1.0mm2, 1.5mm2, 2.5mm2, 4mm2  300/300 V
The number of core: 4、5、7、8
Mechanical Properties:
Free suspension length: max.45m
Traveling height: max.80m
Running speed:4m/s
Operating temperature: 0℃~70℃(for special use:﹣30℃~70℃)
Loop diameter: natural loop (approx. 250~350mm)
Chemical Properties:
Weather resistance: good
Weather resistance at 20℃: good
Weather resistance at 70℃: medium
Acid resistance at 20℃: medium
For specific environmental conditions please refer to manufac
Colour Code: In accordance with  DIN47100
Core: BK, WH numbered, 1GNYE
Outer sheath: Grey
Application: Elevator suspension cable for internal and panoramic elevators
Approval: CCC approval
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