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PVC hook-up wire as internal wiring of electrical appliances is

used in movable appliances, communication equipments and

electronic transmission equipment, such as electric control

box, distribution box, telephone exchange and other related

situations. For the monolayer insulation construction, the

cable can not be used in external equipments(not work as

tray cables).



High insulation, excellent properties, bright colour.



Conductor: bare, fine copper strands acc.to VDE 0281.3

                  HD 21.3, 60227.3, idt GBT3956

Insulation: PVC TI1 flame resistance (acc. to VDE 0482,

                  part 265-2-1 resp. EN 50265-2-1 and IEC60332-1

                  single colour and multicoloured.


Temperature range:

                               Fixed Installation: -5℃ to +70℃

                               Special Installation: -30℃ to +70℃


Rated voltage(v):

                           ≤0.5mm:U0/U 300/300V

               0.5-1.5mm:U0/U 300/500V      
               ≥1.5mm:U0/U 450/750V 
Test voltage(V):
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