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Working as connecting and control cable under dry or wet indoor

situation, especially for kinds of electronic installation of industrial

condition, The cable cross section area 0.55mm or upper could work

as control and connecting cable in machine  tool manufacture, whole

set equipment installation, power station, belching and air condition

installation, For its special flexibility, it could also work in installation

or fixation.


For PVCS high mechanical property, excellent insulation,good chemi-

stry stability,water resistance.Coloured core identification cable has

more excellent capability and safety service.


Conductor: copper  acc. VDE0295CLASS 5

Insulation: Special PVC

Colour: ≤0.5mm Colour signed acc. DIN47100

       ≥0.5mm:Black number with white series number
         if more 3 cores will have yellow and green earth
Inner liner: PP or non-woven for buffer
Sheath: pvc 70℃ sheath, black (RAL9005)or grey(RAL 7001)
Standards:JB8734.4-1998  GB5023.5-1997
Technical data:
Minimum bending diameter
           Fixed Installation: 15X outer diameter
           Flexing Installation: 6X outer diameter
Temperature range:

                    Fixed Installation: -10℃ to +70℃

                   Special Installation: -30℃ to +70℃

Test voltage(v):

                           ≤0.5mm: 2000V           

                ≥0.5mm: 2500V 
woking voltage(V):
                ≤0.5mm: 300/300V           
                ≥0.5mm: 300/500V 
Optional: flat cable
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