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The cable is suitable for machine tools production, the installation e-

ngineering of complete equipment, power stations, air-conditioning

system, heating systerm, refrigeratory equipments, Office Automation

equipments.data  processing system and other related situations.


Has good mechanical, electrical insulation, and chemical properties. It

also has the property of anti-electromagnetic wave due to the double

shidlded structure.


Conductor: copper  acc. VDE0295CLASS 5

Insulation: Special PVC

Colour: ≤0.5mm Black, brown, light blue, purple, pink, orange,blue

       ≥0.5mm:Black with white number
       above 3 cores will have yellow and green earth cables
Inner liner: PP tape or aluminum foil shield
Braiding: bare or tinned copper braid
Sheath: pvc 70℃ sheath, black (RAL9005)or grey(RAL 7001); or
        acc. to DESINA
Standards:JB8734.4-1998  GB5023.5-1997
Technical data:
Minimum bending radius:
           Fixed Installation: 6X outer diameter
           Flexing Installation: 15X outer diameter
Temperature range:

                    Fixed Installation: -30℃ to +70℃

                    Flexing Installation: -10℃ to +70℃

Test voltage(v):

                           ≤0.5mm: 2000V           

                ≥0.5mm: 2500V 
woking voltage(V):
                ≤0.5mm: 300/300V           
                ≥0.5mm: 300/500V 
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